Future of Design NYC

4th Annual Symposium – Autumn 2020

The theme of Future of Design NYC 2020 is Acceleration & Deceleration. Designers and related built environment professionals are often caught between the fast-paced flexibility that a project demands and the slow pace of change of industry practices.  This year’s program will evaluate the effects of acceleration on the built environment and on designing with social responsibility; it will also explore ideas and innovative practices that developed as a result of – or in an attempt to better harness – those shifts. It will approach these issues from perspectives of both engineering and architecture, in order to contextualize designers’ voices in transformative built environment initiatives.

FoDNYC will be held as a series of events on an online platform this year, from September 15 to October 1, allowing audience members to attend from anywhere in the world. Stay tuned, and feel free to browse through our information on last year’s event, while we prepare 2020’s new and exciting program!

Video by Charles Hull

Event photographs for Future of Design NYC 2019 have been released!

Visit the “2019 Program & Photos” tab above for the complete program booklet and more photos.  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We’ll see you next year!


Photography courtesy of Marie-Louise Nkashama

3rd Annual Symposium
New York City
June 1, 2019


The theme of this year’s Future of Design NYC is For the People. As a response to the growing desire for design-based action to improve life in the public and social spheres, program sessions examine the collective role of built environment professionals in today’s social, environmental, economic, and political climate. Conversations throughout the event will also explore the potential for sustainability and equitability in the industry’s work, and how to empower future engineers to take on a greater voice in transformative built environment initiatives.

The symposium provides an opportunity for emerging and established designers in the architecture and engineering industry to exchange ideas in a forum for education and conversation. This year’s program will feature presentations and panels that provide critical discussion of local and international projects, as well as debate on approaches that underpin structural engineering and architectural design.

Attendees will also have the option to participate in a workshop that discusses potential roles in future public policy, preservation of the past, and shaping the incorporation of technology in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.