Future of Design in New York City is an annual conference to energize the community of structural engineers, architects, artists, fabricators, and builders by exploring new ways of designing, building, and collaborating. The conference is interactive, hands-on, experimental, forward-looking and broad in its reach with an aim to maximize the exchange of innovative and provocative ideas between participants.

During the first Future of Design Conference in NYC, in 2017, accomplished engineers and researchers paired up with emerging and innovative designers to present ideas on what the future holds for structural engineering. We also explored the future of our practice and how as designers we adapt to ever changing contexts with increasing complexity.

The second Future of Design Conference in NYC will take place on April 28, 2018 at the Education Alliance. We will be exploring intersections between our disciplines and hear about collaborations between engineers, architects, artists, fabricators, developers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and more. We hope you will share your most interesting collaborative experience, discuss and debate about how it happened and what it suggests for the future of design.

Thoughts from some of last year’s attendees:

  • “This is the most wonderful event that I ever joined in NYC for this industry!”
  • “Thanks again for organizing the best engineering related conference I’ve been to”
  • “Totally exceeded my expectations, and, from my conversations with other attendees, those of many others! The presentations, particularly in the morning, had the vibe of the TED Talks and were thought provoking”
  • “I enjoyed hearing about the types of things people were working on that weren’t the typical structural engineering topics; it opened up some new windows for the future.”
  • “The introduction of Future Design has opened a window for me to see through it. It facilitate communication, understanding and collaboration of architects, structural engineers, contractors and urban planner.”

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
All Day
Followed by Cocktail Reception

Manny Cantor Center
Educational Alliance
197 East Broadway

Presentations, Panel Discussions, Workshop, Reception

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